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Hawaii Life 2013

Genres: Family
Synopsis: In Hawaii, from Oahu and Kauai to The Big Island and Maui, properties range from $50,000 plots of land to $50 million dollar dream homes. The brokers at "Hawaii Life" rea... more

Latest Episode : Season 11 Episode 11 California Dreaming on Kona (2017-12-17)

Episode Title Air Date
#1 Episode 1   Young family looks to make roots in Waikiki 2014-10-12
#2 Episode 2   After struggling to find a home years ago, a Hawaii local resumes his search for the ideal property 2014-10-12
#3 Episode 3   A local family looks to return to the beach by buying a home near Maui's North Shore 2014-10-19
#4 Episode 4   Longtime partners leave busy Honolulu life behind to find space on the Big Island 2014-10-19
#5 Episode 5   Oklahoma Minister moves his wife and 5 daughters to a family 2014-10-26
#6 Episode 6   A single mom with an empty nest seeks a new life in Hilo 2014-10-26
#7 Episode 7   Oahu newlyweds search for a bigger home where they can start their family 2014-11-02
#8 Episode 8   A busy business traveler searches for a home base on Maui 2014-11-02
#9 Episode 9   A military family searches for their first home on Oahu 2014-11-09
#10 Episode 10   A single mother with her young son searches for new start on Oahu 2014-11-09
#11 Episode 11   A young couple seeks their own paradise on the island where they were married 2014-11-16
#12 Episode 12   Soon 2014-11-16
#13 Episode 13   A young couple looking to expand their family searches for a home on the Big Island 2014-11-23
#14 Episode 14   A Georgian family looks to reconnect with their roots on the Big Island of Hawaii 2014-11-23
#15 Episode 15   A first 2014-11-30
#16 Episode 16   A young California family makes the big move to the Big Island of Hawaii 2014-11-30
#17 Episode 17   A single sailor searches for her first home on the island of Oahu 2014-12-07
#18 Episode 18   A Young North Dakota Surgeon and Her Husband Search for a Home Near Her New Job on Oahu 2014-12-07